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Infinity Business Solutions provides a comprehensive range of business services to meet the needs of our clients.  Our monthly packages start at $250.00 per month.  We also offer our services at an hourly rate so that we may offer assistance on a short term basis or for a specific project.  We specialize in the following services.  We understand that every business is different so we will customize these services to meet the needs of each client specifically.

We offer these Services and more.

Cash Reconciliations

Reconciliations are prepared to verify that the entries in the bank statement match the entries in the cash general ledger accounts.  We will reconcile to determine any errors so they can be immediately rectified.  We will ensure transactions were booked correctly to the general ledger and be sure that the transactions on the bank are authorized and processed in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable

We will process your accounts payable efficiently and accurately.  Upon the approval of the invoice by the designated contact, we will enter expenses into Accounts Payable and process checks for payment in a timely fashion.  The checks will be returned to you for signature before being sent to the vendor.

Accounts Receivable

We have the ability to receive payments on your behalf and ensure the funds are deposited to your bank account in 24 to 48 hours.  We are also equipped to mail billing statements and past due notices in accordance with your specific accounts receivable policies.


Payroll is the key to most businesses as a company is only as strong as its employees.  Ensure that your employees are paid on time and correctly.  We process payroll weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.  Our pricing is set per employee per pay period so you only pay for those employees that are active each pay period.  We file your quarterly federal and state reports as necessary.


Let us help with inventory reconciliations.  We will record sales and new shipments received as part of the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.  We will work with this information to reconcile to your physical counts of inventory each month.

Fixed Assets

Items such as buildings, computer equipment, computer software, furniture and fixtures, intangible assets, leasehold improvements, and vehicles are considered fixed assets.  These items are recorded as a fixed asset and depreciated for a period of the useful life of the asset.  We will record the purchase of assets and recording the monthly depreciation expense.

Financial Reporting

We will prepare the standard Income Statement and Balance Sheet on a monthly basis.  This will help the client to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their company.  Additionally, we will provide customized reports based on the needs and requests of the client.

Other Services

The services listed above are only a fraction of the services that may be necessary for a business to succeed.  If there is something else your company needs please let us know.  If we are not able to help we may have a contact in our large referral network that can!